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This game was created by a team of four 3rd year game major students for a two day game jam based around street art in Montreal, CA. The game takes place in Neo-Montreal, a far-flung future version of Montreal. The urban setting and sense of exploration the player feels while completing levels is supposed to make them feel much like we all did when we arrived here in Canada - curious with a drive to explore. The skyline, signs and ambiance of the city are all critical parts of the experience. Compared to Burlington, Montreal is a vast sprawling metropolis. We wanted to convey that theme to the player when they play Neon Get-Up. 

All the assets except the player/characters were created by the team. We did not have an artist for this project but still did the best we could within the time frame we had.

Install instructions

Unzip the project to either the desktop or documents folder and run the Neon-Get-Up.exe to start the game! We recommend playing in the resolution of 1920x1080, in full-screen mode.


Neon-Get-Up.zip 25 MB

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